Parish Patience Immigration Lawyers

Non Immigration law Matters


Established as a well reputed immigration specialist law firm, Parish Patience Lawyers have also been providing other, non-immigration legal services for many years including but not limited to –

Employment Law/FairWork

We provide assistance to both employers and employees in wide range of practice areas such as, unfair dismissal, termination of employment, redundancy, contracts employment drafting of contract terms and conditions amongst others.


This area of law can often be confusing and our experts can help you simplify the process and get your claims/matters dealt successfully in Court.

This includes seeking negligence claims/damages whether through Court or negotiation.

Family Law

This is a complex and emotional area of law which has to be handled compassionately and our team will guide you in the following areas – divorce, children and parenting responsibility, and property division, distribution and settlement.

Criminal Law

Going to Court for even a minor offence can seem overwhelming to the common man, for this reason our team will identify and represent you in any matter whether an Apprehended Violence Order, traffic offence or serious crimes (assault, arson, etc).

Commercial Law

Starting/buying a company, managing employees is an area where assistance always makes it easier to deal with. Our expert solicitors can guide, assist and or represent you with all aspects of the business such as:

  • Setting up/starting a business;
  • ASIC registrations, etc;
  • FairWork/industrial relations matters and even unfair dismissals as well as lease of premises etc.


Looking to buy property (residential or commercial) or enter into a lease for commercial or business purposes? Want your queries and questions regarding buying/selling residential or commercial property answered? We will assist you in buying/selling property, commercial leases, etc.

Succession Law

We provide assistance and legal representation with wills, probate, estate planning and power of attorneys.

If you are departing Australia for good, we also assist you in collecting your accumulated superannuation (DASP).